VOTR success in the time of David C.


#VOTRsuccess! #VOTRworks! David C. is another example of a success story provided to our Nation by the staff of Veterans On the Rise, a 501(c)3 that serves homeless veterans and veteran families. David was homeless and addicted to opioids when he came to VOTR. He was suffering with both PTSD and TBI. Only the military while noting the head injury, did not diagnose the TBI before him leaving the service. ¬†Upon joining VOTR and experiencing memory lapses, David was encouraged to go to the VA and have an assessment. The VA identified the memory lapse issue as a TBI, and increased his veteran disability benefits from 30% to 100%. This year David obtained a certificate in ministerial counseling from Princeton theological seminary and a will begin a master’s of divinity program this spring at Harvard University.