Glad to be in the service

On Friday, September 18, at 5:00 PM in the evening, Charles Avery, Executive Director of Veterans On the Rise will be honored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Veterans Braintrust  for his valued service to the community in devising mechanisms to house, and rehabilitate homeless veterans and returning citizens.

Mr. Avery is a proud alum of both the University of Virginia, and Howard University. He is one of the first African Americans to become a liscenced clinical social worker in the District of Columbia. His specialties include substance abuse counseling, cooocuring disorders, and child psychology. His tireless efforts have aided over 450 veterans in successfully making the transition from homelessness into permanent living enviroments that they love. CBCF Veterans Braintrust, VOTR Staff and Graduates, and many others would like to thank Mr. Avery for his efforts to build up Veterans On the Rise in the last five years.

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