When black lives matter

When black lives matter…



Schools and universities are built across America to uplift the black race by Julius Rosenwald, a Jewish philanthropist and entrepreneur who despite foregoing the opportunity to go to college saw fit to form a foundation to fund over the building and rebuilding of school house that provided African American children with options other than sharecropping, military service, and domestic work.


Housing programs function in a manner that provides a hand up and not a hand out.


Vocational and innovative education programs are provided to low-income people who have been left behind due to lack of affordable access to trade schools and universities during their early adult years.


Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have state and federally funded ways to spend their daylight hours building skills that do not involve run-ins with John Law.


People from Ward 8 have equal opportunity as people in Ward 3 to enjoy delicious, satisfying meals.


The wealthy take a stake in the lives of those who are less fortunate. How? By making a commitment to help the poor as they ascend into the 1% to help the poor out of the 14.5%.


Leaders work together to support the cause of economic growth and stability, social justice, fair pay, expanded business opportunities, energy efficiency, and a more efficient government.

When black lives matter, we march, we pray, we act, and we go beyond symbolism to put skin in the game that will invigorate all sectors of society to commit to ending homelessness, extreme poverty, and recidivism into jail and prison.


When black lives matter talented, young professionals work together to create change, support each other, grow businesses and careers, and realize that limitless possibilities are created when we gather and work together.


What are you doing to show a commitment to the matter that black lives matter today?RA074-Z-071615-_0007