We accommodate homeless families and individuals who live in an independent environment through a housing first model.  With the support of VOTR’s rental stipend, families or individuals lease directly from the property owners. This program currently has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 families at any one point.

There are two locations and there is one new location, which is in the final stages of completion. There is the Nash Street facility, which have 14 1-bedroom units, which currently have 13 units that are occupied, and 1 vacancy. Pennsylvania Avenue facility has 6 efficiencies units, and 1 bedroom unit, and there are 2 vacancies and 5 occupied. Additional apartments will be available at our M Street location during the winter of 2016.

The purpose of the TIP Program is to help our veteran’s secure permanent housing and to provide services that will equip them in becoming goal oriented, self-determined, and financially independent.

HOUSING ELIGIBILITY : We accommodate homeless families and individuals who are able to live in an independent environment without residential or custodial staff.  With the support of VOTR’s rental stipend, families or individuals lease directly from the property owners. This program has capacity to accommodate 20 families at any one point.

LENGTH OF STAY: Veterans receive permanent housing through the TIP Program.

SERVICES: Job training, job placement, social events, and holistic health opportunities assistance.

Veteran’ s Housing
Veteran’s Housing

In our permanent living solution, veterans live with roommates in a shared home environment with continued monitoring and help from VOTR Life Skills Trainers.

Residents have chores and maintain the facility. Each resident is expected to demonstrate respect for other residents, attend training and be prepared to make a positive change in his/her life. Room accommodations vary by location. The house mates share a common kitchen, living room, and recreation room. This is a drug-free environment that abides by the 12-step program.

Other housing solutions include: Urgent & Emergent, Severely Mentally Ill, Independent Living, and Shared Living Apartments

housing homeless vets

Housing Homeless Vets

6-12 month vocational and educational mentorship program

With funding from the Department of Justice, we can now assist both previously incarcerated and/or homeless veterans in Washington, DC.

We align our veteran mentees, with companies willing to provide trauma-informed apprenticeships, journeymen experiences, and actual work experience.  The mentees obtain access to city education programs, work opportunities and apprenticeships. The mentors act as champions to assist our veterans in their transitions.

If you would like to participate in the Mentoring Program as a mentee,  please fill out and return the attached form. (DOWNLOAD) – WBIV MENTORING PROGRAM FORM

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the WBIV Mentoring Program, please email us at

Computer Training

Computer Training

Our veterans receive Diagnostic Needs Assessment, Life Skills & Coping Strategies, Case Management with 6 Months Follow-up, and job training.

Other needs-based services include:

Community Intervention,  Assertive Community Treatment, Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention/Group Counseling, Behavior Modification, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, SISTA (Sisters Informing Sisters about Topics on AIDS), Therapies: Individual,  Family, Group, Somatic, Trauma, Play